Anglo-Saxon Saints - Vol III

Anglo-Saxon Saints - Vol III

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Vladimir Moss

Far too little is known of our Orthodox heritage in the West, and perhaps this is particularly true of the British Isles. Too many later Western lives obscure the truth of the saints in layers of fantasy, and too many are all but unreadable in their abstruse scholarliness. In these volumes, we have nearly a score of well-researched lives presented in form familiar to Orthodox readers. Truly a treasury from the era when Great Britain was Orthodox.

Volume III

Lives of St. Wulfhilda of Barking, St. Wulsin of Sherborne, SS Ethelfleda & Morwenna of Romsey, the Martyr Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury; the Martyr-King Olaf of Norway, St. Sigfrid of Sweden, the Martyr-Prince Alfred of England, and St. William of Roskilde, together with an account of the Black Cross of Waltham. Paperbound