On the Divine Images & Holy Ikons Collection

On the Divine Images & Holy Ikons Collection

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This Collection of Four treatises on the Sacred Images venerated by all Orthodox Christians and confirmed by the Seventh Ecumenical Council, serves as a foundational study by such Authors and Saints as: St. John of Damascus, St. Theodore the Studite, St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, and Photios Kontoglu.  Included in this Collection is also the Prayer Service for the Blessing and Sanctification of Icons of Various Kinds and of an Iconostasis. This titles include:

What Orthodox Iconography Is - Photios Kontoglu

Concerning Iconography - St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco

Three Treatises On the Divine Images - St. John of Damascus,

trans Andrew Louth

One of the critical treatises in response to the iconoclastic heresy. The crux of the matter, clearly expounded, is that God became man; He Who is immaterial became material: Therefore, He can be depicted. Those who forget or deny this fundamental truth lapse inevitably into one or another form of Christological heresy. New translation, first edition Paperbound

On the Holy Icons- St. Theodore the Studite

A companion text to St. John of Damascus's "On the Divine Images". The Second Refutation takes the interesting form of a dialog between an Orthodox Christian and a heretic on the subject. Paperbound